Our company is good in handling all your electrical problems. That is regardless, if you are in a residential community, commercial establishment, industrial company and others. We will help you along the way. All you need to do is to call us and we will book the visit. We can take care of your plug additions at home and back up generators for your home too.
Adding outlets
In every home, we need additional outlets especially in places where we normally use a lot of appliances. We will be needing outlets in the bathroom, family entertainment room, kitchen and basement too. It is not surprising anymore to see a house with lots of outlets. That is because we keep adding appliances yearly. There is nothing we can do about that so, what we need to do is to just ask the electrician to add outlets. That will be a perfect solution. It is not surprising anymore for us. We have all the devices to be of help to you in this concern.
We must not forget that the kitchen and the bathroom is where a lot of modern appliances are located. We will be needing additional plugs in those rooms of the house along with the bedrooms and basement too. Do you know that your garage is also in need of additional outlets? This is something that we have envisioned a few years back. We knew that there will come a time that people will be needing additional outlets to accommodate their home appliances.
There is more than just adding outlets. They must be GFIC plugs and switches. The power has to be taken into consideration too with the number of appliances the homeowner has in a particular part of the house. We want to prevent overloading the circuit and we want to prevent a circuit from breaking or for a possible overheating. We have professionals who will help you with your concern. We can add outlets right away. Legacy Electrical Services Tolleson will ensure the safety of the circuit and we will make sure that we will apply to the latest code. We want your home to be safe and risk free.


Our electricians are known for their ability to troubleshoot & repair the most complex systems.


We are able to effectively repair and troubleshoot in order to identify and fix the problem.

Back up generators for every home
In places where power outage is a problem a back up generator is required. It may be because of a storm, lighting,, substation crash or in cases where a construction crew hits the line. With all these, a power outage may happen and that may badly affect the power supply. It will interfere with the lifestyle of the community, it will hit the heating and even the cooling systems. Your cooking resources will be gone too and that may even lead to food spoilage in the fridge. Why will you be left in the dark and in the cold if there is a solution to it?
The installation of home generators on standby to make the lights on, heating and cooling systems working and the AC on too. We have a team of professional electricians who will work with you along the way. Our electricians will surely recommend you to have a home standby generator. The machine comes in different sizes and in different capacities too. That means they can install a wire for that for easy handling of all your appliances at home in case of a power failure.