We were so surprised with the fast delivery of service. We are happy with the result of the job. They also have a project manager to check and inspect the work of the electrician. It was a good company. We were happy to have found you guys. Thank you for a job well done.


They have fixed our problem with electrical switches, outlets and even fixtures. They had it repaired and some were changed. They have installed some new ones too. All these at a reasonable price. Thank you guys for a job well done. Their customer service is also good and prompt to respond.


They installed an outlet for our new kitchen appliance. They try if the appliance will work and it did. They showed us a diagram about the work. They showed us what they did and they told us about the grid box as well that they have used. Thank you guys for a job well done.


We need a complete home rewiring. Good thing the electricians are good. They even gave us the assurance that they will inspect on the wiring after a few months. That was a good deal for us, because we will not be needing another electrician for that. They were fast and made everything work perfectly.


The electrician was very professional and polite too. He was punctual and friendly. He gave as an advise too of what must be done to keep our home safe all the time and to be free from any electrical problems too. The price quoted is also fair enough for a job well done.


I am so happy because the price of the services was fair enough. We were really surprised that it never go beyond the budget we prepared for it. I will definitely hire this company again for future projects. Thanks guys! You did a great job!


At that time we are in need of an electrician for our electrical and panel upgrade. We were so happy that the company did a great job. The respond is so fast. The quality of work is also good knowing that the price quoted is not that high. I am so happy with this company. They were so prompt to respond. The quality of their work was also good. They were very professional.


We had a problem with our panel upgrade. It was badly needed during those times. They fixed the problem for a price just as what is quoted. I am so happy with the result and I will definitely hire them again. Thank you for doing a great job at an affordable rate.


We are really looking for a company with good electrician to handle our installation and repair of electrical switches, fixtures and even outlets. We were so happy with the result of the job. We hire this company now just for our projects at the moment, but for our future projects too.


Thank you for a job well done. We were so happy with the result.